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Game jam 7

2012-06-28 11:13:43 by Toast

If you're looking at my profile because of the upcoming game jam, hi! If you found yourself clicking through my submissions, don't be alarmed. Most of the content on this profile is from 6 years ago. I don't have much to show because I have been inactive for a very long time, but I recently got into coding again. Not that it matters what you think of my abilities, because programmers get to choose the teams!

I'm looking forward to participating in a game jam for the first time. Good luck to all the teams.

send me a message if you want to play a couple of rounds


2008-11-23 14:50:49 by Toast

i had a post here but the FBI stole it, so now you can use this page to argue about who the most underrated pokemon is, or compliment me on my penis size. but only those 2.

geeky stuff

2008-11-19 07:39:24 by Toast

they finally sent me my computer parts, ill most likely get it on friday.

ill try to film myself building it for those of you interested (very few, if any at all ^^), but mostly for future reference and so that if something goes wrong in the middle of the building i can look back to see if i made any mistakes more easily.

the specs are pretty wild! (with details)
- ATI Sapphire radeon 4870 with non-reference cooler (overclocking yummy)
- Intel core2 duo e8400 45nm 8Mb cache 3.00Ghz factory clocked
- 4GB (2x2) Corsair DOMINATOR RAM 4-4-4-12 c4 latency 800Mhz factory clocked
- P5Q Pro two PCI-express x16, two memory slots dual channel, lga775 1333Mhz FSB
- Xilence 700W silent cooler power supply
- Antec nine hundred, with a crazy huge 220mm fan
- 500GB SATA II western digital hard drive, 16Mb cache, 7200rpm
- Vista home premium OEM

now i got no money to buy left 4 dead. silly me.

1 = 0

2008-11-14 19:20:24 by Toast

5>6 = 0
5<6 = 1
1=1 = 1
1=0 = 0
1<0 = 0
10000>1 = 1
im toast = 1
you're toast = 0
the world = 1
and reality = 0



2008-11-13 12:02:21 by Toast

what song are u listening to at this moment?

Gaming rig

2008-11-08 15:08:04 by Toast

ASUS P5N-D 750i x2 Pci-E
Geforce 9800GTX + [overclocked]
Intel core2 duo e8400 [overclocked > 3.6Ghz]
Corsair DOMINATOR 4Gb (2*2Gb dual channel) [overclocked 1066Mhz]
Cooler master CM 690 Nvidia edition SLI certified
500Gb 7200
600W cooler master PSU
possible 2x 9800GTX + SLI in the future

Radeon Diamond HD4850 / 4870
Intel core2 duo [overclocked > 3.7Ghz]
Corsair DOMINATOR 4Gb (2*2Gb dual channel) [overclocked 1066Mhz]
Cooler master HAF 932
500Gb 7200
600W cooler master PSU
possible 2x 4850 Crossfire in the future, or single 4870 / 4870x2 when the prices drop.

The only thing I'm still uncertain about is whether to go quad-core or not.

Selling my computer cheap

2008-11-01 15:06:56 by Toast ewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=

I don't know if it's possible to ship it to america or other places in the world but if you're really interested we can come up with a way.

I'm selling this good computer with keyboard and mouse for 325 euros, I bought it for 950 2 years ago. It's a core2 duo, not a pentium, which is actually pretty rare for old computers. so it runs very fast np. here are the specs:

- intel core2 duo 6400
- 2gb ddr2 ram
- nvidia geforce LE's series. yea sorry, it's not a gaming gfx card, although both Crysis and Crysis warhed work on my computer at low settings.

I'm happy and pretty proud of myself atm because I just finished coding a fully functioning traditional Mastermind game in less than 17 lines auto-formatted in flash. I recall reading a conversation on the flash forum where artists said they cannot understand how people enjoy coding: just working with numbers where there is no creativity. This is false as there is a lot of space for creativity in coding, and it is always extremely satisfying to overcome difficult problems.

I might polish up what I got so far for Mastermind and get someone who is decent with graphics to do some menus and shit, then submit it along with my other puzzle that some of you may have heard of: Lights out. If this all works out as I plan it should be exciting because I'll have enough money to buy all the parts for the gaming rig im planning to build.


feel free to comment and give your opinions, or just spam my page with insults.

Computer specs wishlist + games im looking forward to

2008-10-19 14:14:54 by Toast

- two radeon 4870 x2 graphic cards in Crossfire
- intel core 2 duo e8600 for a gaming rig, or a Q9550 quad-core for a more software-ish computer
- 4gb RAM, Corsair DOMINATOR series > 1400 Mhz
- ASUS STRIKER II Motherboard, compatible with DDR5 etc
- Coolermaster case
- water cooling system

What I might actually get: (more relevant to my budget)
- ATI Radeon 4850
- Intel core 2 duo e8400 or e8500
- any Corsair RAM.. probably 4gb at a lower processing speed
- Asus P5Q motherboard

edit: oh and also..

Games I'm looking forward to:
- Dead space
- FarCry 2
- CoD: World at war
- Sacred 2
- Red alert 3
- Starcraft II